April 24, 2023

2023 Corporate Wireless Trends - Second Quarter Update

An Inside Look at Corporate Wireless Trends

Your ability to respond to fluctuations and growth areas in the wireless market ties directly to your up-to-date knowledge of the landscape. In this infographic, vMOX provides current insight into wireless trends based on an analysis of corporate mobile bills from Q4 2022 through Q1 2023. 

So, what did we observe?

    • 5G, Wireless WAN (WWAN), and IoT are fueling mobile growth and we expect this to continue.

    • Smartphone usage and charges remained flat in Q1 2023, with a slight increase in Verizon Economic Adjustment charges.

    • MiFi data usage and costs dropped in Q1 2023, likely due to lower usage, optimized plans, and reduced customer travel.

    • Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 saw a focus on corporate mobile device policy reviews to ensure fair use.

    • Tablet charges and usage trends remained similar to smartphones and we anticipate the same as companies go mobile first.

    • Q1 2023 showed an equipment purchasing surprise: Apple devices overtook Android devices by an additional 5%.

vMOX Corporate Wireless Trends Infographic_042123

Want To See Even More Trends? Get Bonus Industry Spotlights

See where you stacked up against your peers in Q1 2023 with these free specialty wireless trend infographics, including different vertical industries such as Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Retail. 

Need help managing your business mobile expenses and optimizing your enterprise mobility program? Even if your data usage increases, vMOX can help decrease your costs, thanks to our patented technology and wireless knowledge. Connect with a vMOX expert today.

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