July 20, 2022

July 2022 Product Release Update

Service Activation Request Type

  • A new request type of Service Activation has been created that allows you to search for and request activation for a device IMEI that’s in hand. It also allows you to add devices that are not in the database that you have recently discovered. This feature can result in cost savings allowing you to more efficiently reuse devices that are not in the field.

  • This feature is controllable through the site configuration page and defaults to off for all clients. If the device is already assigned to a phone number, you will be alerted and given the option to keep the assigned phone number or reassociate the device with another number. On the review page, you will be able to update the area code, ICCID, assigned user, and cost center.


Inventory Bulk Select

  • We have added bulk select functionality to the inventory page to allow you to manage your inventory more efficiently.


Logistics Management Update
  • Users with access to the Site Configuration page and vMOX Logistics will now see a toggle for Copy Manager. When enabled, this feature will copy the contact's manager on all device recovery emails and reminder emails. This functionality will ensure you recover as many devices as possible according to your business requirements.


Communications List Views Scoped Down to the Sub-Location of Executive Users

  • If you are using vMOX’s sub-location functionality, you will now see that executive users have had their visibility limited to their sub-location and any of their direct reports locations. This functionality adds a layer of security and better aligns with customers' internal reporting systems.

Order Update Emails Provide More Information

  • To provide you with increased visibility into order activities we have added make, model, storage, color, and the assigned contact. These additional fields have been added to the order create, order update, and notify approver emails. These additions will give you more information so you can better communicate with our staff when there is additional information needed to process an order.

Service Spare Indicator Added to Device Details

  • To provide you with better visibility into device status we have moved the status of service spare to an independent field on the device details page. You will see both the status of the device along with a service spare indicator. To support this functionality, we have made the following changes:
    • Service spare has been added as a filter to the inventory page.
    • Request types of buddy upgrade, upgrade and replace device show a new service spare column on phone line views.




Reporting Updates

  • The Employee report was updated to include the assigned delegate and order approval permission.
  • The Order report was updated to include the current approver and the date the approval was assigned to them.
  • Both reporting updates were made to help you quickly move orders through the approval process.


Zero-Use Report Logic Update

  • When invoices are not received from a provider, this can unintentionally affect zero-use reporting. Now, to give you a more accurate view of your zero-use devices, vMOX will only calculate zero-usage for months where we have consecutive invoices from the providers.

A complete release history and list of updates is available to users inside the vMOX OnePortal. 


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