July 14, 2021

vMOX Partners with Mobile reCell To Extend Device Reverse Logistics Capabilities

Enables More Streamlined, Automated and Secure End-of-Life Management for Corporate-Owned Smartphones and Tablets

vMOX, a pure-play managed mobility services (MMS) provider for medium and large enterprises, and Mobile reCell, the only software-based solution for corporate-owned mobile device recovery, today announced a partnership that will allow vMOX to extend its mobile device reverse logistics capabilities. Enterprise clients will benefit from streamlined, automated and highly secure processes for recovering, repurposing, reselling and recycling their corporate-owned smartphones and tablets. 

With a changing workforce, increased security risks and an explosion of devices and apps, the corporate mobile environment is becoming more and more complex and expensive.

  • Fewer than 15% of companies have all basic security precautions in place for devices. Verizon Wireless Mobile Security Index 2020

  • On average, IT teams spend more than 46 minutes to recover each deployed corporate-owned device. (Mobile reCell User Research)

  • Less than 30% of corporate-owned devices are recovered using spreadsheets and other manual processes. (Mobile reCell User Research)

  • E-waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills, but accounts for 70% of overall toxic waste. DoSomething.org

Mobile Device Logistics from vMOX is a customizable, end-to-end asset management enterprise solution for device procurement, warehousing and inventory management.

Through this partnership, vMOX will enhance its offer for complete device end-of-life services to enterprise clients that have made environmental sustainability, data security and social responsibility a priority. While the IT device recovery and disposition process is traditionally seen as clunky, by leveraging software on both sides, together vMOX and Mobile reCell will be able to feed information back and forth, delivering a streamlined process and premium functionality. 

“We’re excited to bring more technology-enabled services to enterprises so they can lessen their overall impact and reduce costs and protect important data at the same time,” said Richard Siebels, chief technology officer, at vMOX. “Mobile reCell is a highly reputable company that is trusted by leading global brands and their expertise will enhance our logistics offering.” 

“With traditional device recovery, typically, less than 30% of mobile devices are recovered from employees,” said Ben Jones, founder and chief executive officer, at Mobile reCell. “Those unrecovered, rogue devices leave valuable company data at risk and often end up in landfills. This new partnership provides an integrated experience for companies by providing complete visibility into both the deployment and recovery of corporate-owned devices while making it easier for employees to return their retiring devices. We expect vMOX customers to realize both time and financial savings with this combined solution.”

About Mobile reCell

Mobile reCell provides the only software-driven solution for corporate-owned mobile device recovery, designed to help organizations ensure data security, recover maximum value, automate manual processes, and deliver a sustainable solution. The device recovery platform provides complete visibility into device tracking, processing, and a secure chain of logistics as it automates the recovery, repurpose, reselling, and recycling of corporate-owned mobile devices. Mobile reCell’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver an unparalleled customer experience with unrivaled technology. To learn more about Mobile reCell’s solutions, visit mobilerecell.com.

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