July 20, 2023

vMOX Introduces Optimization and Lifecycle Management for Wireless WAN

Solution enables enterprises to maximize 4G LTE and 5G wireless network performance and minimize costs

vMOX, a global provider of managed mobility services, announced today their Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) Optimization and Lifecycle Management Service. The new, groundbreaking solution, made publicly available at the start of 2023, gives enterprises real-time insights into 4G LTE and 5G network availability and optimizes plans for maximum savings. It is traditional network access for large companies now seen through a mobility lens.

“We know that using 4G LTE/5G wireless connections provides a reliable, flexible and efficient way to deploy an enterprise WAN quickly, especially across remote locations. However, it can be expensive to implement and difficult to maintain. Many teams do not have the expertise, or find themselves understaffed or underserved, when it comes to SD-WAN,” said Richard Siebels, chief technology officer. “Our automated solution is purpose-built to help enterprises reduce cost and risk by optimizing WWAN services and reporting on usage and behavior changes.”

Wireless WAN has gained momentum in the last five years, evolving from a secondary failover connection to a primary connectivity solution, according to May 2023 analysis from IDC. The research firm notes that 4G LTE and 5G solutions are increasingly important in SD-WAN and enterprise edge initiatives.

“SD-WAN has offered companies the flexibility of using widely available broadband links, including 4G LTE and 5G, to deploy enterprise networks, but we’ve now reached an inflection point where cost avoidance has become critical,” said Siebels. “We believe our service is a key innovation that will enable companies with hundreds or thousands of locations to use wireless-first SD-WAN services without breaking the bank.”

vMOX's WWAN Optimization and Lifecycle Management Service provides mid to large enterprises with control and visibility of their wireless networks so they can take full advantage of network diversity but not overspend. Using real-time data, Network Management System (NMS) integrations and a powerful logic engine, vMOX expertly minimizes overage risks.

“Traditional approaches to optimizing WAN services have been centered on reducing usage,” said Paul Krauser, director of data management and business intelligence (BI) at vMOX. “Our innovative approach helps companies only buy what they actually need. There’s zero waste.”

This is what vMOX is all about – helping companies reduce wireless expenses and create IT efficiencies through a technology-centered approach and service-first mindset. We do that by providing expert resources, offering easy-to-use software and operating as leaders on the cutting edge of the industry.

Companies can choose from three WWAN packages at vMOX that include some or all of the following: Expense Management and Cost Optimization, Move, Add, Change or Delete/Disconnect (MACD) Order Management, 5G Service Advisory, Contract Review and Negotiation, Reporting and Analytics, and Network Transformation Services for new environments.

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