March 11, 2022

Why Your CFO Will Thank You

Leveraging Granular Data for a Complete Picture of Your Mobile Expenses

Modern mobility management has many moving parts. There are differences in devices, carriers, plans, networks, applications, software, geographies, policies – the list is long. So, when it comes to optimizing your mobile telecom spend, there’s a lot to consider, monitor and analyze. To make informed decisions, you need to see the full picture. That’s where granular mobility data reporting and analytics can help.

What is granular mobility data?

Consider this analogy: The original Crayola box, first invented in 1903, contained only eight colors. Today there are 152. Imagine the nuances in the picture you can create with 152 colors versus eight. Similarly, the picture of your company’s mobility offers more detail with more granular data. Instead of artistic images, granular mobility data paints data usage and financial pictures for use in financial management and decision making.

Why is granular mobility data important?

Your CFO needs an accurate view of your mobile assets and expenses to make sound financial decisions. When data is not detailed enough, and the subsets are too large to mine, analyze and digest in a meaningful way, decision-making can be challenging.

Think of data as rocks. Large chunks of data are like boulders, which are too difficult to move around, combine with other boulders or drill into. Granular data is more like sand, which can be pored through, taken apart, analyzed, put back together, added, subtracted, isolated, manipulated. Granularity provides the specificity you need to make the most informed, cost-conscious decisions possible.

What are the benefits of granular mobility data?
The benefits of granular data in enterprise mobility are many:

  • Greater accuracy: Accuracy is the No. 1 benefit of granular reporting and analytics. When you rely on data for guidance, you want it to be as accurate and specific as possible.

  • Deeper levels of cost optimization: It’s easier to make adjustments and optimize spending when you can isolate specific variables.

  • The ability to react more quickly: When you’re working with detailed information regularly, you’re often prepared to take immediate action without having to perform research or reorient yourself.

  • More actionable insights: Granular data analysis enables you to dig deeper into the actions or processes you should stop, start or continue.  

  • Compatibility with other data sources: Granular data can be easily merged with data from external sources and for effective integration and management.

  • Overall improvement in accounting efficiencies: All of these granular reporting benefits lead to increased efficiencies for the finance department, enabling the CFO and other leaders to make more informed decisions. Granular data helps finance teams execute more accurate cost allocation, detect spikes or lulls in data/service usage, and identify trends.

What insights can you get from granular mobility data from vMOX?

When relying on a third party, it’s essential they provide you with the most detailed data possible. vMOX delivers significantly more granular data than our competitors, exposing the entire bill table across every carrier, down to a one-cent surcharge – and does so with patented, proprietary processes as well as software functionality not found elsewhere.  

Leveraging this high level of granular mobility data, vMOX:

  • Drills down into data exceptions and anomalies to determine – and potentially eliminate – the causes

  • Takes a detailed approach to cost optimization with control over 17 components instead of a lump-sum cost

  • Breaks data down into distinct line items versus rolling them up into generic categories, enabling you to pinpoint high- and low-cost areas

  • Identifies near-real-time usage in the current cycle and create alerts for future cycles to manage data pool usage costs

  • Realizes accurate savings for real ROI versus what might be projected with less granular data

If you want the complete picture – the one that 152 crayons can give you instead of eight – your reporting must mine down to a granular level on an ongoing basis. Accurate, specific data not only drives the confidence needed to be nimble and decisive with mobility spend but also creates savings that directly benefits your bottom line.

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