April 7, 2023

April 2023 Product Release Update - Part 1

Over the past several months, the team at vMOX has been hard at work on some awesome features and improvements to make your daily experience within OnePortalSM a more positive one. There is a lot to catch up on, so we’ve split our April 2023 product update into three parts. 

April 2023 Product Update - Part 1

Part 1 of this update will center around international enterprise mobility management.

International Support: Requests

The OnePortalSM now displays phone lines formatted with their associated country code. 

  • Move-Add-Change Search. You can now search for phone numbers including their country code.
    Ticket Subjects now display formatting on phone lines, including their country code.
  • Ticket Details. The Related Products section of Ticket Details now displays formatting on phone numbers, including country code. Tickets submitted from ServiceNow were updated as well.
  • Ticket Descriptions. Phone number formatting was updated to include the country code. Descriptions will be updated for all new tickets. Phone line selection lists was updated to support international phone numbers. Phone line selection pages for Order and Tickets was updated to display formatting on phone lines, including their country code.
  • Bulk Select. The Bulk Selection modal was updated to allow searching for phone lines that include a country code.
  • Review. The Review page was updated to display formatting on phone lines, including their country code.
  • Checkout. The checkout page has been updated to display formatting on phone lines including their country code; only phone numbers attached to phone lines are included in these changes. A future update will address phone numbers that are not linked to phone lines in our system.
  • Order Details. The phone number on Order Details was updated to display formatting on phone lines, including their country code.

Support for International Provider / Carriers and Payment Terms

Note: If you only support domestic provider / carriers or carriers, these changes will not affect your ordering process.

  • If you have provider / carriers in more than one country in your catalog, you will now see a "Select Your Country" screen. Selecting your country will limit the catalog and phone line visibility to the provider / carriers available within that country. This will also limit orders to one country per order type. This functionality also adds support for provider / carriers with payment terms.
  • Terms only apply to devices — accessories are not included.
  • Device tiles were updated to show upfront costs, monthly costs, and terms for provider / carriers that require terms. This does not affect devices that do not have terms.
  • If a device costs less than the upfront cost, then the upfront cost is displayed as the cost of the device and the cost per month will be 0.00 for the length of the term.
  • Devices on payment terms will appear grouped together on the review and checkout screens. This will provide you with visibility into the upfront cost, cost per month, and term throughout the order process.

Foreign Currency Approval Limit

  • The Approval tile was updated to display customer base currency. The Contact Edit will display the customer base currency symbol for the approval limit.

Order List Export

  • The Order List export was updated to show a currency column populated with the currency symbol for the order.

Global Search Updates

  • The global search results were updated to show the order currency in the results when searching for an order.

International Address Formatting

  • The address formatting on the checkout page was updated to show a United States and non-United States format. More specific formats for our highest traffic countries will be added as needed.
  • The country field was updated to be a picklist instead of a free-form text field and was moved to the top of the address form.

Updated Views for Countries Outside of North America

  • Several order types were updated to remove area codes when the country selected is outside of North America. Examples include Add New Service, New Shipping Label and Service Activation.

Currency Display in Order Emails

  • All order emails now support provider / carriers with payment terms. Emails show upfront cost, cost per month, and term for appropriate provider / carriers.

Action Required Email Update

  • Now when you click the "Approve or Deny Order" button in an action required email, it will bring you to a Review Orders page that includes upfront cost, cost per month, and term for appropriate providers / carriers.

Mobility Snapshot Email Update

  • The values in Mobility Snapshot emails now show the user-preferred currency. If the user has not set their preferences the email will display in customer base currency.

Update to Order List Exports

  • Order List Export now includes the currency symbol and currency formatting for each order to provide you with better visibility into your international order.

Updated Currency Display

  • User-preferred currency was updated to control the currency on your dashboard, communications, recommendations, and contact details pages. All other views will be displayed in provider / carrier currency.

A complete release history and list of updates is available to users inside the vMOX OnePortalSM.

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