April 7, 2023

April 2023 Product Release Update - Part 2

Over the past several months, the team at vMOX has been hard at work on some awesome features and improvements to make your daily experience within OnePortalSM a more positive one. There is a lot to catch up on, so we’ve split our April 2023 product update into three parts. 

April 2023 Product Update - Part 2

Enhanced Site Search

  • When searching, you can now look within a specific area of the application. This feature allows you to focus on inventory, accounts, employees, locations, orders, or tickets and achieve faster search results.

Self-Pay Filter Added to Order List Page

  • The order list page was updated to include a "Self-Pay" filter, so you can easily identify "Self-Pay" orders.

Added Fields on Custom Inventory Report

  • The following columns were added to the Custom Inventory Report:
    • Job Title
    • Employee Status
    • Custom Columns - These customer-specific columns will only appear for customers with "Custom Columns" enabled.

Inventory Management Changes to Support Multi-Sim Devices

  • To support multi-sim devices, you will notice several changes to the OnePortalSM, including:
    • A new device details page that summarizes all phone lines attached to a device along with their usage and charges. This page is accessed by clicking a device IMEI link or by searching for an IMEI in the global search box.
    • To conform with the optimal association of a SIM to a phone line we have removed the SIM column from the Inactive Device list view. Additionally, the SIM field was removed from the Inactive Device edit screen. The SIM field was also removed from the Inactive Device export.
    • For logistics customers, the SIM field has been removed from the Add Untracked Device screen.
    • Searching for an IMEI will now return device records, providing you with a path to the device details screen. Searching for a SIM will return phone records, providing you with a path to the phone line details screen.

Custom Procurement Messaging

  • The procurement workflow has been enhanced to provide optional custom messaging for certain request types. This allows you to inform users of critical information to be aware of when ordering devices.
  • A "Procurement" tab was added under Site Configuration, where custom messaging can be created for each order type. The following requirements apply:
    • Only Admins have access.
    • Only one message for each order type is supported.
  • An error displays if users attempt to create a new message for an order type that has already been configured.
  • Error messages will display if a user attempts to save without both an order type selected, and a message populated.
  • The messages can be edited and deleted.
  • Configured Messages will appear on the "Select a Device" step of the Requests Wizard. For "Accessory Only" orders, Configured Messages will appear on the "Select Accessories" step of the Requests Wizard.

Enhancements to Self-Pay

  • The Self-Pay workflow allows you to provide a corporate stipend for employee-paid devices. Organizations pay for a portion of the device against the carrier account, while the balance is paid by the employee via their credit card.
  • The credit card entry page now shows users the breakdown of their charges including corporate contribution (stipend), credit card transaction fee and employee payment due. Employees also have visibility into the corporate contribution (stiped) on the Review page.
  • If you would like to implement Self-Pay, please reach out to your Service Delivery Manager.

Communications History and Resend Button

  • The employee details page now shows a history of communications sent to a user, including search and pagination features.
  • You can also resend emails to an employee by clicking the resend button in the action column. These resend actions can help you manage device returns and control costs.

Updated Copy Manager Logic/Functionality for Logistics

  • A new "Level of Management" dropdown was added below the Copy Manager toggle on the Site Configuration > Logistics Management tab. Now you can not only copy a manager on device return emails, but also copy the manager's manager expanding your device recovery efforts.
  • The dropdown will default to one but will also have an option two.
    • 1 = Employee’s manager is copied.
    • 2 = Employee’s manager + manager’s manager is copied.

Updated Payment Information on Checkout Page

  • The Checkout page has been enhanced for customers that utilize payment terms. The payment info section of the checkout page now shows the total due today, recurring charges, and cart total.

Employee-Owned Device Flag

  • The inventory list view has been updated to indicate if a device is employee-owned and employee-owned is also available as a filter.
  • The employee-owned flag is managed by vMOX.

A complete release history and list of updates is available to users inside the vMOX OnePortalSM. Missed the April 2023 Product Update – Part 1? You can view it here

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