October 28, 2022

2022 Corporate Wireless Trends - Fourth Quarter Update

An Inside Look at Corporate Wireless Trends

Your ability to respond to fluctuations and growth areas in the wireless market ties directly to your up-to-date knowledge of the landscape. In this infographic, vMOX provides current insight into wireless trends based on an analysis of corporate mobile bills from Q2 2022 to Q3 2022.

So, what did we observe?

  • Across all industries, there was a rise usage and no surprise, the charges for MiFis and tablets. This is due to an increase in organizations migrating from traditional fixed data services to a more mobile environment including mifis, cradle points, hotspots and tablets.

  • International usage saw a .5% increase, an indication that travel is picking back up after the pandemic. Customers should expect to see a slight uptick in telecom spend as a result.

  • Equipment purchasing also saw a large shift from Android to Apple, which validates the success of the Q3 2022 launch of the iPhone 14 which is dominating the enterprise market in device launches.

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To see where you stack up against your peers in Q2 2022 through Q3 2022 across a number of different vertical industries, such as Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Retail, check out the industry spotlight infographics here.



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