February 7, 2023

2023 Corporate Wireless Trends - First Quarter Update

An Inside Look at Corporate Wireless Trends

Your ability to respond to fluctuations and growth areas in the wireless market ties directly to your up-to-date knowledge of the landscape. In this infographic, vMOX provides current insight into wireless trends based on an analysis of corporate mobile bills from Q4 2022 and 2022 versus 2021. 

So, what did we observe?

    • Data usage is up across all mobile devices, averaging a 38% data usage increase between 2021 and 2022, increasing by 1GB per device. The most notable difference can be found in MiFis / CradlePoint device types where usage is up by a staggering 57% or almost 2GB per piece of equipment. The primary drivers are enterprise adoption of 5G cradle points and smartphones, the Tier 1 wireless provider's ability to increase 5G coverage maps to major metropolitan areas and the return to the office for many enterprise business, allowing devices to be on the move again.

    • Dispute the increase of usage across the market and market downturns, there are still opportunities to save. vMOX was able to reduce our clients' wireless spending by over $1.00 per line by using patented optimization strategies and working with clients and providers to negotiate plans that are a better fit for their business needs.

    • International wireless usage saw another uptick in Q4 2022, resulting in a year-over-year 1% increase in users with international travel from 2021, yet another sign that business traveling is resuming. The largest and most notable change was seen in the financial sector which had an increase of almost 50% between 2021 to 2022, with 7.7%  versus 5% of users using their corporate devices while travelling overseas. 

    • Not much changed last quarter regarding mobile device purchase behaviors.  Apple is still the most common device type purchase in enterprise mobility market, but slowing slightly, down 2% from where it was at in 2021.  Android purchasing did rise by almost 4%. It is too early to say but this could be a sign of a changing market, the difference between Apple and Android device purchasing narrowing ever so slightly. Many clients are working with vMOX to reduce Apple purchasing due to its higher price point over Android equivalent, but only time will tell if this trend continues.  


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