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Mobility is dynamic, and always changing.  New plans, features, devices, and an increasing need to access and download content from anywhere at any time.  With all these changes, it’s not easy to stay on top of your corporate mobility costs.  Here are a few tips to help keep your costs in check:

  • Perform an audit each bill cycle to look for overages, misaligned plans/features, excessive usage, underutilized buffer, etc.
  • Identify lines that have zero or minimal usage for cancellation/suspension each month.
  • Look at each employee to see if they have multiple lines with similar services that can be consolidated.
  • Perform usage based weighted allocation so you can understand the true cost of each line. Wireless carriers hide charges at the account level misrepresenting actual line level costs.
  • Communicate to employees every month their actual costs and consumption. This doesn’t need to be negative communication. By providing visibility to your employee’s their usage and costs will decrease.
  • Re-negotiate your carrier agreement OFTEN! Yes, it is a two-year agreement but ask for annual updates.
  • Force your wireless rep to review your account every month. They should constantly be providing cost savings recommendations.
  • Search the Internet for new plans and features. Set-up Google alerts!