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Mobility optimization is not easy, and it's certainly not a one-time event. AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile are constantly introducing new devices, new plans and upgraded features.  And your users' calling habits are likely changing every month. It's impossible to keep up with all these variables without utilizing technology and automation, but if dare attempt it on your own, here are a few tips from our team to get you heading down the right path:

1) Check to see if your company qualifies for a wireless carrier Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). Often times these plans offer heavy discounts for those in specific verticals like construction, healthcare, government and non-profit.  GPOs almost always have a greater cost reduction due to the unpublished plans they unlock. Also continually analyze different GPOs to determine which one is best for your organization. Even consider those with a fee! If the 1x fee to join is $1,000 but it delivers $50,000 in savings, it is worth it!

2) Look to see if pooling your data and voice reduces cost. (Make sure to include all devices in your analysis.)  Also look for lines that should be outside the pool on individual plans, for example unlimited.  Monitor your pools and usage monthly to adjust accordingly.

3) Build a low-risk buffer by reviewing past usage data. While looking at historical data keep in mind elements such as a high travel periods that will affect your buffers. Also setup alerts and review unbilled activity.

4) Wireless carriers are consistently rolling out new plans and features that provide better allowances at a lower cost.  In order to find these set up Google alerts, check their websites, ask peers in your network, etc.  Your direct rep typically won’t bring these to your attention because they lack visibility into the new offerings. Wireless carriers roll out these new plans to obtain new customers but as an existing customer you can benefit from these today. Carriers want to retain your business!