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The time that users are spending on mobile devices is continuing to grow at a frenetic pace, according to research by analytics firm Flurry.  The need to access websites, music, videos and other content has steadily increased, as has the availability of high-speed WiFi and mobile broadband. And the sheer number of available mobile devices, including phones, tablets and other smart devices, has also sharply increased.  Here are mobile statistics that your company can’t ignore.

Average users spend 300 minutes per day on their devices

Wow! According to Flurry, the average person now spends nearly five hours on their mobile device each day. This figure has increased substantially over the past 12 months, and the time spent on mobile apps alone has increased 69% year-over-year.  And if a company has employees who are constantly on the go, their usage is probably higher than that.  That's a lot of minutes…and potentially a lot of cost.

More than half of all users have 2 or more devices

64% of adults who are online use at least 2 devices in a single day, and almost 25% of them use 3. Many start certain processes on one device and finish on another. As employees become savvier, and WiFi and mobile broadband access becomes more ubiquitous, their dependence on mobile will only continue to affect how business is done.

Users check their phones 40 times per day, on average

Actually, this number seems low, considering that four out of five users admit that they have their phones with them all the time. And when you consider that millennials seemingly check their phones every five minutes, this number will grow substantially as they become more prominent in the workforce.

All these statistics underscore the increasing importance of mobility in day-to-day life, and with the rise in usage, diversification of devices, and growing reliance on constant mobile connection, today’s businesses need to adapt their corporate mobile programs this new reality. Tools, technology and processes must be in place to handle all the management tasks associated with mobility, unless both costs and the time spent by employees to administer corporate programs will both skyrocket. vMOX addresses this issues head-on, helping companies optimize their mobility spend, and better manage their environments, from procurement to administration to reporting. www.vmox.com

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