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Time is money!  MACD is an acronym that stands for move, add, change or disconnection of service. In the mobility expense management world, MACD activity plays a pivotal role. When past overbillings and future savings opportunities are identified, the related change orders must be processed and tracked in a timely fashion in order to immediately capitalize on savings. Whether its moving users in and out of usage pools, adding international calling to a device traveling abroad, changing a user to a new plans to a more cost effective plan, or disconnecting service for a terminated employee, timely and accurate completion of these orders is paramount to maximizing cost control efforts.

Every time an employee is hired, or fired, or placed on leave, or promoted, or gets transferred to a different department there is a need to evaluate their equipment and service packages. The unpredictable nature of this, combined with that the rapid change that occurs within the mobility industry (new devices, new plans, new features…) makes inventory and service management an ongoing challenge.  When a business has staffing changes, or every time they open or close a branch, it’s vital that someone in the company has ownership of this process so they can make adjustments accordingly.

For example, picture an employee with a company-issued smartphone with an unlimited data plan. If that employee leaves, it’s important to get that line and plan disconnected ASAP, before the next billing cycle, or the company will be paying for something that’s not being used. It’s a common occurrence that when an employee leaves, their manager reclaims their smartphone, and either sends it to HR, or puts it away in a drawer. Instead of notifying the proper person/team immediately to facilitate a disconnection order, it remains active (for months, even years!) until someone in Finance eventually notices during a billing audit.  That’s wasted money. 

On top of all that, consider that submitting these MACD orders is only half of the equation.  They must also be verified for accuracy and tracked all the way through to completion. Plus, any related service credits must be requested, and eventually verified. 

Todays businesses need both processes and systems to help with issuing, tracking and verifying MACD orders.  vMOX handles this entire process for our clients, from analyzing their environment, identifying savings opportunities and electronically transmitting MACD requests to carriers.  The ensures that our clients realize the savings as fast as possible.  Time is money!


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